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Project Description

Barac’s Caves

Barac’s caves in Nova Krslja are also worth for visitation. After 112 years of the first opeining, the caves have been restored and opened for visitation. We recommend you to visit this beautiful creation of the nature.

Be sure to visit the world’s oldest artist’s museum – the nature museum and see the works of art that took millions of years to create. Learn about the techniques water used to create this unique underground marvel. Feel the eternity as you walk through the halls and hallways of Upper Barac’s Cave, starting at the entrance and Guano Hall and continuing through the Elephant Feet Hall filled with cave formations – stalagmites and stalactites and 10 meter high stalagnates. Take a look at the Dragon’s Gorge and the Hall of the Lost Souls discovering the forgotten past and taste the pleasure of absolute darkness.

Go for a pleasant 40-minute stroll to enjoy this tourist pearl in the presence of our guide, unfolding the secrets of underground world and learning about the long history of the cave, which despite the illumination (LEDs) managed to preserve an air of mystique.

The halls and hallways are huge and easily navigable for visitors of all ages.