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Project Description

The old Town and Mill

„The Old Town“ walking trail as well as the Korana walking trail stretch along the canyon of the river Korana starting from the Old town of Dreznik, which dates from the Frankopan period of the 11th century, all the way to Korana campsite in the village of Catrnja. The entire trail is 2000 m long. The trail is on a flat terrain which gives you an opportunity to enjoy the surrounding vegetation in all its variety and if you are lucky you may also see some of the wild animals living there. The trail will take you to the watermill which was destroyed in the war but is now rebuilt and open for tourists. There you can see an exhibition of tools and items which were used in the area of Rakovica in the past.

The promenade, which for the most parts does not have any inclinations, provides a perfect view on the beautiful scenery of the region. An old, now restored, watermill is situated at the beginning of the promenade in Catrnja. The watermill is open to tourists daily from 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. The end of the promenade marks the old town of Dreznik Grad.